Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogging Happy vs Blogging For Real

I haven't been blogging here lately. I have a bit of dilemma. My life has been crazy the past couple of months, and not at all in a good way. It's been chaotic. Trying to maintain sanity while working full time with two kids and a husband is hard enough. But to top it off, things at home have been a little rocky, work is so very stressful, and both my dad and granddad have cancer.

Granddad seems to have beat his throat cancer for now with 6 weeks of radiation.

Dad had a colon resection for his cancer but the surgeon found spots on his liver as well. His hospitalization lasted 9 days instead of the 5-7 the doctor predicted. And the week we were supposed to drive to Louisiana for my brother's wedding, his wound opened up.  When I changed his bandage, I could see inside his abdominal cavity. That is NOT supposed to happen after surgery. I brought him in to the doc the next day and they were surprised that I wasn't exagerrating when I said I could see his guts. The doctor taught me how to properly pack his wound and we still went to Louisiana.

It was a beautiful wedding but the most stressful trip I have ever taken. Picture it: small motel room, queen bed, 2 adults a 4 year old and 10 month old. Daughter was a flower girl. In between washing dishes from the baby food and bottles in the bathroom sink, I was running next door to change bandages and check on my dad.

And there's the dilemma: Do I blog about only my happy times, because really, my life is kinda depressing at this point. Maybe if I focus on the happy times (like this morning's trip to the zoo) it will help me put things in perspective. Or do I blog about what is really going on? It has been so hard and I am so completely exhausted. I have a sister and brother who live nearby, but I have been visiting my dad's house almost daily to either make grocery/pharmacy/doctor runs, take care of dad's wound, or help with my granddad (they live together).

Just having the time to blog is another problem altogether... But I think we all have trouble fitting that in sometimes.
That's where I'm at and why I haven't been here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

One Day

One day...
I will get all of the laundry done.
I will go the bathroom alone.
I will talk for hours with my sister.
I will hug my mom and finally let go of the past.
I will get regular exercise.
I will dance at my children's weddings.
I will find my dream job.
I will take a vacation from that dream job.
I will visit Alaska, the Smithsonian, Yellowstone, and New York City.
I will remember what I "pinned" in my dreams (thanks Pinterest!)
I will eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.
I will buy something for myself without feeling guilty or selfish.
I will feel good enough as a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.
I will give my husband my undivided attention.
I will finally sleep through the night.
I will go fishing with my brother.
I will hold my brother's children in my arms.
I will watch my nieces and nephews graduate from college.
I will  pay off my bills.
I will figure out Twitter.
I will feel younger than I am.
I will tell my grown children stories about when they were my sweet little babies.
I will give my children the letters that I have been writing to them.
I will go on a family vacation that we will cherish forever.
I will go back to school.
I will snuggle my grandbabies. 

And for now, I will hold onto all those things and more and just take it one day, and one dream, at a time.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

♥Books We Love♥

Dog Loves Books
by Louise Yates
When  I came across this book, I wondered how I had never read it before. It combines two things I love dearly, dogs and books, in a simple way that works.

Author/illustrator Louise Yates published this story in 2010. It follows a dog that loves books so much that he decides to open his own bookstore. At first Dog is disappointed by the lack of customers, but then finds that the extra time can be used for his favorite activity: reading. Through dog's imagination, readers can see why reading is magical. This would be a wonderful book to share with a child that is just starting school. It might help them fall in love with reading, just as Dog has.

The story is a sweet one, but honestly I am such a visual person that it was the illustration of dog laying on top of a book that hooked me. I used to have a dog that used to do the very same thing. Of course, she wanted me to stop reading, and pet her instead, but that is a whole other story. :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Shortage of Towels

How many towels does one family of four need? I used to think we had too many towels, but it seems that our supply has dwindled.

I am not against reusing a towel, so that means I need about 3 towels a week.

Same goes for my husband and daughter. Now we're up to 9 towels.

Then there's the baby, but he is still using those tot-sized towels with little duckies and frogs all over them.We have about 8 of those.

When I look at those numbers, I feel like I should have enough towels to last us for a week without having to wash.

But then there are times when you need MORE towels.
There's pool day.
Beach day.
And then there's the stomach flu.

Guess which one reminded me that I can NEVER have too many towels in this house?

It wasn't pretty, either. And I think I know why my towel supply seems to have shrunk. I'm fairly sure the last time the flu hit our house, I pitched some of the towels that just seemed too gross to wash.

Now I need to check the ads this week so I can  replenish our ever-shrinking supply of towels.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A conversation with my daughter

As I was putting my daughter to bed last night, Elena asked to sit in my lap. After she climbed in, we had this exchange:

Me: Wow! You are such a big girl now. Where did my little baby go?
Elena: Well Mom, I think the little baby lives right here in my heart (pointing to her chest).
Me: (Starting to tear up but trying not to cry) I guess that little baby lives right here in my heart, too. And you'll always be in my heart. I sure do love you.
Elena: I love you Mom. And when I grow up, and I have a baby, he will live in my heart forever, too.

I cried a little bit and then sang her special song before I tucked her back into bed.

That girl just melts my heart.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BOUNCE with me!

I'm trying something new! I've started a new blog called UBounce Houston. It's a site where families can find information about activities and events to keep their children engaged, active and entertained.

It has been so much fun to create! I used tips from Business 2 Blogger (and I created my own favicon) and as well as some from Spice Up Your Blog (check out my awesome social media buttons!). I'm still tweaking it a bit but I feel ready to launch.  Please stop by and say hi!

Best and Worst Names

Today I was reading Scary Mommy's FB post. She asked her readers if they liked the names that they picked for their own children. She also asked for ideas about the worst name.

Ha! I just had to laugh. As a teacher, I have lots of opinions about names. I taught for 7 years before I had children and so I had a whole list of names that were off limits because of the memories of former students they conjure.

I could never name a son Ronnie or Andre or Andrew. And I didn't want to name a girl Taylor or Laura. There were just too many memories associated with those names.

So when I did have kids of my own, I took their names very seriously. I wanted something original, but not weird and something that works in both Spanish and English since the kids are being raised in two cultures. 

My daughter is named Elena Raine. Elena is not a family name but I just love how it rolls off the tongue. I took my middle name (Loraine) and shortened it to Raine for her middle name. I also paid attention to the meaning of her name- Queen of Light.

For my son, we went with my husband's name as his first name but we didn't want him to be Noel Jr. Since my husband doesn't have a middle name, we named our son Noel Anthony. Anthony is a family name, too. Funny, but I don't know what his whole name means. I guess I need to break out the name book and read up on the meaning/origin of Anthony.

Poor kid. He's called Little Brother most of the time. It does get a little confusing when I call to the baby and my husband answers.

And for the worst name........ how about Diablo? It was the name of a student years ago. Such a cutie. But the name translates to devil in Spanish. I shake my head when thinking about it. And I wonder: Why didn't anyone tell his mom what it meant? And if they told her, why did she do it anyway?

What's the worst name you have come across?