Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best and Worst Names

Today I was reading Scary Mommy's FB post. She asked her readers if they liked the names that they picked for their own children. She also asked for ideas about the worst name.

Ha! I just had to laugh. As a teacher, I have lots of opinions about names. I taught for 7 years before I had children and so I had a whole list of names that were off limits because of the memories of former students they conjure.

I could never name a son Ronnie or Andre or Andrew. And I didn't want to name a girl Taylor or Laura. There were just too many memories associated with those names.

So when I did have kids of my own, I took their names very seriously. I wanted something original, but not weird and something that works in both Spanish and English since the kids are being raised in two cultures. 

My daughter is named Elena Raine. Elena is not a family name but I just love how it rolls off the tongue. I took my middle name (Loraine) and shortened it to Raine for her middle name. I also paid attention to the meaning of her name- Queen of Light.

For my son, we went with my husband's name as his first name but we didn't want him to be Noel Jr. Since my husband doesn't have a middle name, we named our son Noel Anthony. Anthony is a family name, too. Funny, but I don't know what his whole name means. I guess I need to break out the name book and read up on the meaning/origin of Anthony.

Poor kid. He's called Little Brother most of the time. It does get a little confusing when I call to the baby and my husband answers.

And for the worst name........ how about Diablo? It was the name of a student years ago. Such a cutie. But the name translates to devil in Spanish. I shake my head when thinking about it. And I wonder: Why didn't anyone tell his mom what it meant? And if they told her, why did she do it anyway?

What's the worst name you have come across?

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  1. I love Elena Raine!! It really does flow. My son is named Andres. Lol. When I was a teacher's assistant at a Montessori I had a strong bond with this little boy Andres, who was such a sweet heart and I loved his name. I always said I WOULD name my son Andres and I did. LOL.