Friday, September 16, 2011

A conversation with my daughter

As I was putting my daughter to bed last night, Elena asked to sit in my lap. After she climbed in, we had this exchange:

Me: Wow! You are such a big girl now. Where did my little baby go?
Elena: Well Mom, I think the little baby lives right here in my heart (pointing to her chest).
Me: (Starting to tear up but trying not to cry) I guess that little baby lives right here in my heart, too. And you'll always be in my heart. I sure do love you.
Elena: I love you Mom. And when I grow up, and I have a baby, he will live in my heart forever, too.

I cried a little bit and then sang her special song before I tucked her back into bed.

That girl just melts my heart.


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  4. Awww. Cute! Definitely a conversation to remember.

  5. That would have made me cry too!