Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogging Happy vs Blogging For Real

I haven't been blogging here lately. I have a bit of dilemma. My life has been crazy the past couple of months, and not at all in a good way. It's been chaotic. Trying to maintain sanity while working full time with two kids and a husband is hard enough. But to top it off, things at home have been a little rocky, work is so very stressful, and both my dad and granddad have cancer.

Granddad seems to have beat his throat cancer for now with 6 weeks of radiation.

Dad had a colon resection for his cancer but the surgeon found spots on his liver as well. His hospitalization lasted 9 days instead of the 5-7 the doctor predicted. And the week we were supposed to drive to Louisiana for my brother's wedding, his wound opened up.  When I changed his bandage, I could see inside his abdominal cavity. That is NOT supposed to happen after surgery. I brought him in to the doc the next day and they were surprised that I wasn't exagerrating when I said I could see his guts. The doctor taught me how to properly pack his wound and we still went to Louisiana.

It was a beautiful wedding but the most stressful trip I have ever taken. Picture it: small motel room, queen bed, 2 adults a 4 year old and 10 month old. Daughter was a flower girl. In between washing dishes from the baby food and bottles in the bathroom sink, I was running next door to change bandages and check on my dad.

And there's the dilemma: Do I blog about only my happy times, because really, my life is kinda depressing at this point. Maybe if I focus on the happy times (like this morning's trip to the zoo) it will help me put things in perspective. Or do I blog about what is really going on? It has been so hard and I am so completely exhausted. I have a sister and brother who live nearby, but I have been visiting my dad's house almost daily to either make grocery/pharmacy/doctor runs, take care of dad's wound, or help with my granddad (they live together).

Just having the time to blog is another problem altogether... But I think we all have trouble fitting that in sometimes.
That's where I'm at and why I haven't been here.

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